What is the best weight training regimen for beginners?

Weight training is a topic of apprehension for the beginners to enhance their physical work capacities. This also benefits in enhancing the ability of the beginners to perform daily living activities while improving their bone density, strengths of their muscles and tendons and life qualities. Weight training is termed as a form of strength training and uses Eccentric training, weights, and muscular resistances to enhance strength. For maintaining a proper nourishment or cardio, there is a need for following the weight training. But, the beginners need to be aware of some essential facts like not to lie on machines for an extended time period and they cannot use cell phones during the exercise sessions or cannot communicate with the person beside.

The best weight training regimen for the beginners would include:

a. 1 set of Running treadmill for 5 to 10 minutes

b. 1 set of Leg press

c. 1 set of lying leg curl

d. 1 set of wide grip lat pulls downs

e. 1 set of butterfly

f. 1 set of triceps pushdowns

g. 1 set of machine bicep curls

h. 1 set of machine shoulder press

i. 1 set of ab crunch machines

j. 1 set of air bikes

The preceding sets need to be followed consecutively. The workout has been designed thinking of overall fitness and health of the healthy adult beginners who did not lift weights prior. Every person thinking about body fitness and staying healthy, have to make a beginning. Keeping an emphasis on that, the exercises have been scheduled mainly on the basis of machine works since the beginners have less integrity in their joints. They have less steadiness in their core which assists the whole body at the time of training. Machine works would provide support for the weak areas. The regimen formed needs to be performed for minimum two times. There is a need of gap in between the workout days. At first, the beginners need to perform the set of exercises for one time.

The beginners need to take rest in between each set of exercise for 30 to 90 seconds. The beginners can make a change of the regime after taking the permission of their respective trainers. This means that they can make a change of the number of reps or steps, choosing various exercises and make a different in their speeds. Once, the beginners are on the way to becoming super fit; they can also make progress by keeping track of their gain progress or weight loss. They can take measurements of their body parts. If they are facing any challenges during the exercises, they can modify them to ensure that they are progressing with body fitness and becoming healthy.

The training schedules can be increased every consecutive week. In between they can consult the experienced persons for better progressing. The sets of exercises mentioned in the regimen of the weight training are the best ones ensuring that the beginners can complete a training of their full body. Above all, healthy diet and persistent work out is required for weight training programmes.